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Oct 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
that excites. ♪ >>> controversy over the new school lunch law leaving kids hungry isn't going away. kids have been protesting which requires twice as many fruits and vegetables and limits protein and carbs. students in kansas paradyed the displeasure in this internet video. ♪ tonight we are hungry ♪ it could burn brighter >> and now political. a congressman of kansas co-sponsored legislation to repeal the rule saying, quote, students like these with parents and school administrators should be trusted to make their own decisions. with me, dr. nancy schniderman. >> social change is never easy. >> this is what they say. should be the calorie count. 850 calories high school, 700 middle school, 650 for elementary school. what they're saying is they eat it and i'm still hungry. does that make sense? >> yes. that's difference of being full and being really hungry. and these kids probably, because we all have gotten there, we overeat so we really don't have the switch so much in our brains anymore to tell when we're just satiated and for the kids who really are jocks, that's nothing to preclude t
Oct 12, 2012 10:00am EDT
me now is rick hassen, professor of law and political science. author of the book "the voting wars." professor, good morning. >> good morning. >> as we all know, it's not just congressional republicans who questioned the jobs number. first was legendary ceo jack welch. we heard there is no basis for these accusations, so what gives? >> i put it into a larger context of when we get into election season, people have a hard time believing things contrary to what they want. we can put this in the same category as many republicans who thought that the opinion polls which were showing obama in the lead were actually mistaken. >> it's interesting because slate, and you wrote for slate, did a poll. they asked about whether the books were cooked on the polls which showed barack obama strongly ahead. 71% of self-i.d.ed republicans and 41% of tea partiers think those polls were skewed? >> yeah. this is kind of a reverse of what we saw in 2004. that's when george w. bush was up against john kerry. >> you're more concerned about republicans not buying into the final outcome of this election tha
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
, sandusky was officially branded a sexually violent predator, offender, under megan's law. that requires a certain classification in the prison system. and we know that prison officials have reason to be worried about the safety of somebody like sandusky. there have been four prisoners who have died in pennsylvania prisons over the last two years. and given all the emotions of sandusky's case, it is likely, i think, that he would get solitary for his own protection. >> i want to bring in a legal analyst, john cue kelly. and john, let me pick up on what michael and john were saying. >> sure. >> what factors will go into the judge's decision or the system's decision, i guess, about where exactly jerry sandusky ends up serving his time? >> i think the main consideration is going to be his own safety, you know, where they can put him and whether he should be in general population or solitary confinement for his own safety. >> will he undergo some sort of emotional, mental evaluation? now, they were mentioning that sometimes his emotions have seemed inappropriate. we saw him when we saw him g
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)